Maxiwatt High-Load cartridges, which have been proven for 50 years of successful operation in thousands of applications thousands of applications that very few manufacturers are currently capable of producing, have a maximum temperature of 1000º C. of manufacturing, have a maximum temperature of 1000º.

New applications that have emerged in recent years require higher temperatures. Maxiwatt has developed developed a complete line of cartridge heaters that technologically reach a critical temperature of 1000º Celsius. of 1000º with unprecedented reliability. with unprecedented reliability.

More Durability at Higher Temperature

Success factors, durability

Extreme double-pass compression, more Nickel Chrome 80/20 wire, a new extremely pure magnesium oxide, Incoloy® 800 nickel-iron-chromium alloy tube wrap and other innovations make the new cartridges more durable than any other type of cartridge.

Laboratory tests with thermographic camera
All ULTRAWATT cartridges must be housed in H7 tolerance bores.
All the existing wide range of finishes and complements such as ISO, UL, CSA certification for high load cartridges are also available for the new ULTRAWATT cartridges.

Heat Intensity Do not exceed 60W/cm2
Power Depending on dimensions
Leakage current (cold) <= 0.1mA to 242 v.
Insulation (cold) <= 5mΩ to 500 V
Dielectric strength 1500v. 1/sec
Working temperature 1000ºC max
Lenght tolerance +/-1.5 %
Diameter tolerance -0.02 to -0.06 mm
Tolerance cut-off connection +/-15 mm
Power tolerance (w) +5% -10%
Cold areas Depende de long, y diámetros 5-15 mm

Brake pads where extreme temperatures are required for their production.

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