The formalization of an order implies for the buyer, the acceptance of the following conditions of sale:

The minimum data for correct manufacture are:

  • Diameter.
  • Lenght.
  • Volts.
  • Watts.
  • Vertical, horizontal, air, submerged...
  • Connection length.
  • Finished with attached parts (if any).
  • Connection protections.
  • Condiciones de uso (humedad, vibración, golpes, contaminación).
  • Function to be performed (plastic melting, bag closing, marking, etc.).
  • Name and model of the machine.

Any denial or omission of any data shown above, will void the warranty on the understanding that it is an own design, with specifications given by the customer, who assumes full responsibility for the manufacture of a prototype or prototypes according to their indications.
It is also necessary to follow, without exception, all installation procedures and safety measures that are reflected in the safety data sheet.

The sale of the products will always be made by order of the buyer, being accepted only by any written means (e-mail, fax, letter, ...) never by telephone.
For urgent services (24h, 48h, 3/5 days, 7/8 days) there may be a +10% variation (minimum 1 unit) in the quantity to be served.
In case of lack of any material necessary to proceed with the manufacture of an order, Maxiwatt may use, without prior notice, a material of higher quality than the one contracted and in a constructive way that improves the performance of the resistance, without any price increase. This type of case is understood to be exceptional and will not set a precedent for future orders.

Cuando los envíos se hagan con condiciones EXW, el riesgo de pérdida de mercancía en el transporte va a cargo del comprador. Salvo que el cliente especifique en pedido unas condiciones especiales de envío. Maxiwatt designará el medio de transporte y las condiciones de dicho transporte.
Shipping cost of packages that our habitual transport company doesn’t accept, due to size or volume, will be assumed by the customer.
Restocking charges:

  • The stock size heaters can be returned as long as they have not been used, with a surcharge of 20% on the purchase price.
  • Special heater sizes, manufactured exclusively according to clients request cannot be returned. The return for stock orders will only be accepted within 120 days after delivery date.

  • Please attention: Our shipments may be delayed due to the holiday period. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Shipping Policy:
If you want we send your order to Ceuta and Melilla, as well as to countries outside the EU (especially when the package goes through the customs of Russia), we can only take charge of the package until customs. Once there, the client must take over charge to draw up the necessary documents and pick up your order.
If the order consists of different products, the order will be shipped as soon as the whole set is ready, everything will be shipped in a single pack. It will not be divided in different shipments.
During holiday periods, orders are shipped within 2-3 days.

Return policy:
Before any return can take place Maxiwatt must be informed of the reason for the return.
Upon receipt of this information Maxiwatt will allow the buyer to return faulty material, always with prepaid transport charges, to review and determine if it is a manufacturing defect. If it proves to be a manufacturing fault Maxiwatt will assume the transport and material payment or replace the goods. In case of credit, the amount will be reset discounting on new purchases.
For items that have been mishandled, misused or mechanically damaged, Maxiwatt will not assume liability. The returned items will be available for collection by the purchaser for a period of 30 days. After which they will be destroyed.

The total financial liability for any claim shall be limited to the price of the product that caused the complaint. It will never exceed the total price invoiced.
In no case Maxiwatt will be responsible for consequences of accidents or incidents (accidents to persons, damage to property or financial consequences).

Changes to orders
Please confirm in writing any change required for your order such as quantity, sizes and heater specifications before they are in production process. Upon receipt of such notice Maxiwatt will inform the client of any changes in the conditions for the production of the order, price and delivery as result of the requested changes. These changes must be approved by the client before Maxiwatt proceeds with production.

The prices in our price list are refer to the materials and specifications detailed in the same or our catalogues. We will not include in our prices the transport costs and customs charges or any other taxes or fees that occur once the goods leave Maxiwatt.
Changes in prices and stock material availability may occur without previous notice.

All tools and accessories in Maxiwatt are property of the company, Maxiwatt will accept tools sent by the buyer to carry out his orders, even the shipment of the tools is done without any cost or shipping charges for the seller company. The tool will always be property of the purchaser and Maxiwatt undertakes to make good use of the tool in the production process.

We do not use these types of materials: Tantalum, Tin, Gold and Tungsten.

Cancellation charges:
We will not charge our customers for cancellation of orders in stock items. Orders for specially manufactured products will be subjected to a cancellation fee depending on how far into the manufacturing process the goods are at the time of cancellation.

Urgent Services:
In holiday periods or holidays, urgent or immediate delivery services may be cancelled. You will be informed of the non-acceptance of the same as soon as possible.

If the goods ordered by the buyer, are based on a prototype, there are no guarantees that cover the material, the buyer has to test the prototype before the execution and application, due to the possible changes to be made to the prototype such as material and assembly methods.

Maxiwatt guarantees its products against defects in materials and manufacturing for one year after the date of delivery, provided that they have been used and maintained correctly.
This is not to be confused with useful life of the heater which can be from minutes to several years.
Elements used in aggressive environments, fluids and chemical solutions are not guaranteed in any event against corrosion or other defects. Maxiwatt will not guarantee any of its products against damage caused by corrosion or use in aggressive environments.
Heaters that are inactive or stored for long periods can absorb moisture which decreases the value of the electrical insulation can be restored by either preheating or being slowly taken up to temperature.

This is not to be confused with useful life of the heater which can be from minutes to several years.
The Warranty is limited to replace or repair the defective element.

To activate our offer on the web, you must answer the questions in the shopping cart form.

  • Provided information will be verified by our staff.
  • If the given information is not right during the checking process, the order will be paralyzed until we get in contact and verify the information with the customer.
  • En el caso en que los datos introducidos o verificados con el cliente no sean correctos, la oferta para la obtención de una resistencia de regalo no será aplicada.
  • Promotion applicable on the first purchasing, only once per customer, to check the quality of our cartridge heaters.
  • For successive purchases, if the fields of the promotion are filled again , the payment of the discount obtained will be claimed. If the cutomer refuses, the order will be cancelled and refund.

Urgent Manufacturing Services


  • *With a increase of 100% of the base (starting) price ( Minimum of 4 units and Maximum 100 units)
  • (48Hrs)

  • *With an increase of 50% of the base price (Minimum of 4 units and Maximum 150 units)
  • (3-5 Days)

  • With an increase of 25% of the base price. (Minimum 2 units and Maximum 500 units)
  • (7-8 Days)

  • With an increase of 18% of the base price (Minimum of 2 units)
  • (15 Days)

  • Base price

Service Conditions:

  • These urgent services only indicate the manufacturing time of the heaters. Days are considered as bussines days.
  • Bank Holidays must be taken into consideration in both countries (Manufacturer/Customer´s country).
  • As per the transport, the transit and custom time will depend on delivery destination (48-72h). For further information, please contact us.
  • In case we can not carry out the established time delivery, you will be informed within 17 hours and it will be delivered 24 hours after that with the corresponding price.
  • All the orders without exception must be in our hand before 11 a.m. Any order received later than this hour will be considered as received the next day.
  • The order confirmation is considered as a total acceptation of the service conditions
  • Orders with a special finish (not standard) consult availability. Please consult availability for Orders with a special fi nish (not standard).
  • Total or partial express order cancellation will have additional cost of the correspondent service.
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