IP67: for extreme environments (humidity and dust)

Resistencias para ambientes húmedos The IP67 resistance is specially designed to withstand extreme humidity conditions, such as in liquid packaging processes or in the food industry, where machinery cleaning is constant.

Built with fluoropolymer (PFA) coated wires, it is easy to clean as absolutely nothing adheres to them; the interior sealing is made with a Teflon plug and epoxy base that withstands high temperatures, giving the assembly total watertightness. We do not use these 4 types of materials: Tantalum, Tin, Gold and Tungsten.

  • Long life
  • High temperatures
  • Maximum capacity in watts 40w/cm2
  • Special for extreme environments (humidity and dust)
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Protection Index (IP)

The protection rating (IP) is an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission 60529, which classifies the level of protection provided by an electrical application against intrusion of solid objects or dust, accidental contact or water.

Protection against dust.
Code: 6 Effectiveness: No dust penetration; complete protection of contacts.

Protection against water.
Code: 7 Effectiveness: Immersion in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (1 m of submersion) will not have great effects of quantitative damage to the equipment.
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